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Capture specific capabilities

CO2TECH capture specific capabilities include:

  • testing and evaluation of solvent absorption systems and gas absorption membrane contactors for CO2 removal;
  • surface modifications of membranes for gas-liquid contactors;
  • performance of polymeric membranes, eg permeability and plasticisation of glassy polyimide gas separation membranes at elevated temperature;
  • characterisation of the various polymeric membrane's chemical structure and separation capability;
  • membrane systems for gas to liquid technology eg nanoporous carbon membranes;
  • optimisation of membrane module design for CO2 removal;
  • developing and testing novel adsorption cycles/processes and adsorbents for capture of CO2 from a variety of synthetic flue gas feed stocks;
  • developing new materials for CO2 separation by pressure-swing absorption;
  • designing and synthesising novel materials to act as hybrid membranes for the separation of CO2 from other gases;
  • designing and fabricating monolith carbons that simultaneously possess high adsorption capacity for CO2 and electrical conductivity (electrical swing adsorption);
  • hydrate formation and cryogenic capture systems; and,
  • economic modelling of capture systems especially for use in enhanced oil and gas recovery, and enhanced coal bed methane recovery.

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