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Capabilities and expertise

CO2TECH has exclusive rights to commercialise all Intellectual Property developed by CO2CRC.

Our expertise in carbon capture and storage technologies includes:

  • broad assessments of geological storage potential;
  • assessment of the storage potential of specific sites and proposals;
  • design of CO2 monitoring programs;
  • economics of CO2 capture and storage options;
  • CO2 source-sink matching;
  • capture of CO2 using technologies such as solvent absorption, liquid and high flux membranes, pressure swing adsorption, cryogenics and hydrates;
  • technology roadmapping;
  • technological, economical and social risk management;
  • modelling of CO2 migration; and,
  • auditing of geological storage.

CO2TECH is also able to assist with :

  • CO2 enhanced oil and gas recovery (EOR and EGR);
  • CO2 enhanced coal bed methane recovery (ECBMR); and,
  • sequestration of CO2 through injection in deep unmineable coal seams and deep saline formations.

Specific capture capabilities Specific storage capabilities

Through its links with the CO2CRC, CO2TECH accesses a wide range of research outcomes from CO2CRC core research and supporting participants. We are able to involve our many international collaborators and associates in research, development, demonstration, and application of carbon capture and storage technologies.


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