CO2CRC Otway Project


The Otway Project has successfully been granted all regulatory approvals to produce, transport, inject and permanently store CO2 in a depleted gas field. Environmental, health and safety requirements have been defined using a combination of existing legislations including: petroleum legislation through the Department of Primary Industries (DPI); water legislation (Southern Rural Water); research development & demonstration (RD&D) provisions of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA); and the Planning and Environment Act.

CO2CRC has purchased the oil & gas tenements (PPL 11 & 13). Rights to access the privately owned land were obtained through compensation agreements with various landowners, or through the Planning and Environment Act (declared as Project of State Significance). CO2CRC Limited (previously CPPL) has assumed the long term liabilities at common law, in addition to liabilities associated with field operations.

The regulatory approval processes associated with development of the Otway Project have cut new ground in testing the existing regulations.


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