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CRC-1 site: injection

Over 65,000 tonnes of the CO2-rich gas stream at supercritical state was be injected via the CRC-1 well into a depleted gas reservoir – the Waarre C Formation - at a depth of 2050 metres. CO2 migrated up-dip within the 31m thick reservoir sandstone capped by the impervious thick seal rock (the Belfast Mudstone).

Drilling of the new injection well to inject CO2 into the depleted gas field, the Waarre C Formation, began on 15 February 2007 and was completed within budget on 15 March 2007.

Located 309m southeast from the Naylor-1 well, it is a vertical monobore well and was drilled to a depth of 2249m into the Eumeralla Formation. Five cores were acquired with a total length of 42.9 m. Other samples collected include fluid, mud gas and cuttings.


  • Vertical monobore well
  • 7‐5/8” surface casing down to 400m KB; 4‐1/2” 13Cr production casing to 2249mKB
  • Drilled down to a depth of 2249mKB (into the Eumeralla Formation): Waarre C target achieved
  • Good quality log data

No incidents were reported during drilling procedures. The drilling operations of the CRC-1 injection well were conducted under the exploration license of the Victorian
Petroleum Act.

CRC-1 Drilling Timeline


Core sample


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