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06/11/13 Otway Project survey improving the carbon storage picture
27/08/13 International CCS researchers meet in Canberra
02/08/13 Australian Government confirms support for CCS research
03/07/13 New drive for Australian carbon reduction research
01/07/13 CO2CRC: Celebrating Ten Years of Great Science
10/05/13 Australian carbon storage research on show
04/12/12 Environmental NGOs join call for more action on CCS
29/11/12 CCS Research Centre appoints Professor of Carbon Storage
19/11/12 Australian carbon researchers capturing interest in Kyoto
09/11/12 New material uses trapdoors to capture carbon dioxide
22/10/12 Spotlight shines on carbon capture and storage
14/08/12 World class carbon reduction hub opens in Victoria
06/06/12 New system reduces carbon capture costs by $20 per tonne
21/05/12 Capturing carbon in the lab to clean up power stations
10/02/12 CO2CRC welcomes CarbonNet clean energy investment

13/12/11 Science behind carbon storage validated
29/11/11 New carbon capture and storage research on show
12/10/11 Meeting the CCS challenge at All-Energy conference
05/10/11 Centre for Geological Carbon Storage to take CCS forward
27/09/11 International focus for carbon capture and storage school
23/09/11 Successful Otway Project advances carbon storage
17/08/11 CO2CRC Emeritus Scientist Appointed
10/07/11 Carbon capture and storage vital to clean energy future
22/06/11 Appointment of New CO2CRC Chief Executive Officer
20/06/11 New CO2 capture system being tested
20/06/11 Carbon storage in action: new Otway Project trials begin
29/03/11 Garnaut on the money: R&D is the key
21/02/11 International team in Victoria for CO2 storage research
16/12/10 Cancun decision positive for CCS development
30/11/10 New CO2 solvent process captures imagination
29/11/10 International conference marks start of National CCS Week
10/11/10 Global monitoring network to visit CO2CRC Otway Project
24/09/10 CO2CRC leader receives international award
24/08/10 CO2CRC carbon capture projects extended
18/08/10 No insurmountable barriers for carbon capture and storage
23/07/10 How CCS works - and why we need it
12/07/10 Students to take on climate change challenge
01/07/10 CO2CRC begins next five years of CCS research
09/06/10 New South Wales Atlas for CCS launched
06/05/10 Carbon capture technologies in action
01/02/10 New phase of deep CO2 injection starts at the Otway Project
01/12/09 Additional support for carbon storage research
30/11/09 Major meeting takes CCS forward
17/09/09 New research for CO2CRC Otway Project
28/08/09 Full marks for carbon capture and storage school
24/08/09 International school for carbon capture and storage
07/08/09 CCS research funded for further five years
09/07/09 New CO2CRC carbon capture project commissioned
20/05/09 The future of CO2 capture comes out of the lab
21/04/09 Milestone marks birthday of CO2CRC Otway
17/03/09 CO2CRC Fulbright scholar tackling climate change
19/02/09 Making carbon capture more affordable
02/12/08 CO2CRC Symposium showcases new carbon capture and storage science
19/09/08 New global institute applauded by CO2CRC
30/07/08 First CO2CRC CCS School held in Adelaide
18/07/08 Women in Technology Challenge
03/07/08 Carbon dioxide storage project reaches first major milestone
01/07/08 Batchelor opens world-leading greenhouse gas capture facility
22/05/08 CO2CRC science recognised through innovation award
16/04/08 Chief of carbon capture and storage program welcomes historic environment, industry and union alliance
02/04/08 Australia’s CO2CRC launches first carbon dioxide storage project in southern hemisphere
02/04/08 NSW link to Australia’s first carbon dioxide storage project in southern hemisphere
26/03/08 Launch of Australia's first geosequestration project
27/02/08 Schlumberger and CO2CRC announce alliance to reduce industry’s greenhouse footprint
20/02/08 Study brings Carbon Capture and Storage a step closer to WA
22/08/07 EPA approval for CO2CRC Otway Project
30/05/07 International experts meet to consider financial incentives for geosequestration projects
29/05/07 High-level Chinese delegation learns about innovative Australian carbon dioxide capture technologies
21/05/07 CO2CRC research identifies Perth Basin as potential geological storage site of carbon dioxide
21/05/07 Ireland calls on CO2CRC research expertise
12/04/07 World-first carbon capture project wins Victorian government funding
12/04/07 Latrobe Valley research hub to lead way in technologies to cut carbon emissions
9/04/07 Otway geosequestration project gains international recognition
23/02/07 Geosequestration researchers drill deep well for carbon dioxide injection test
22/12/06 Funding takes Australia’s first geosequestration project forward
16/11/06 NSW Government to partner CO2CRC in geosequestration research
30/10/06 CO2CRC research leads to $205 million investment in CCS technologies
30/10/06 Leading international scientists review Australia's first geosequestration project
12/07/06 Leading environment campaigner says start geosequestration now
09/01/06 Australia's first geosequestration demonstration project
08/12/05 Greenhouse solution may secure Latrobe Valley's long-term economic future.
17/10/05 Carbon hunt strikes paydirt
27/09/05 Greenhouse mitigation technology due within 20 years: says an Australian-based author of IPCC report
08/04/05 Sustainable levels of greenhouse gas achievable
15/11/04 Global recognition for Australian geosequestration research
15/06/04 Stronger response to greenhouse gas mitigation technologies welcomed
22/02/04 Climate Change - greenhouse gas technologies forums in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney this week
25/02/04 Greenhouse gas technologies discussed at Sydney forum
18/02/04 Technology needs testing for public acceptance - Australian researchers
14/12/03 IPCC scientists gather in Canberra to assess greenhouse gas technologies
06/10/03 Plans for an emission-free Australia
18/02/03 Towards sustainable energy


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