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Flux stationFlux station

Installing the CO2 atmospheric station at the Otway Project.

Flux stationFlux station

Installing the CO2 flux station at the Otway Project.

Gas samplingGas sampling

Sampling gas in the headspace of a water well.

Naylor-1 monitoring wellNaylor-1 monitoring well

Naylor-1 monitoring well. The Otway Project monitoring and verification program includes downhole geophysical and geochemical measurements at Naylor-1.

Monitoring facilityMonitoring facility

Geochemical samples and seismic data are processed at the on-site downhole monitoring facility. Fluid samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Seismic monitoringSeismic monitoring

Seismic monitoring consists of generating artificial shock waves which propagate through the rock formations and reflect back to receivers where they register as a pressure pulse. These signals are digitised and processed to produce an acoustic image of the subsurface.

Seismic cross sectionSeismic cross section

Seismic cross section of the area between CRC-1 and Naylor-1.

Soil gas monitoringSoil gas monitoring

Unlikely CO2 seepage in the near surface (soils) will be detected by extracting air from the unsaturated soil zone above the water table.

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