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Plants convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates and oxygen during photosynthesis.

Carbon dioxide moleculeCarbon dioxide molecule

The CO2 molecule consists of one carbon atom flanked by two oxygen atoms.

Access to electricityAccess to electricity

More than a billion people have no ready access to electricity.

World CO2 emissionsWorld CO2 emissions

The geographic distribution of emission for all major emitting countries.

Global emissionsGlobal emissions

Possible contributions towards low-emission energy in the future. (Adapted from IEA)

Fossil fuel emission reductionFossil fuel emission reduction

Sokilow and Pacala first used energy wedges to show that a range of clean energy options will be needed. (Adapted from Pacala and Socolow)

Milankovitch cyclesMilankovitch cycles

Orbital and axial movements of the earth produce cyclical changes in solar radiation and climate.

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