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Carbon cycleCarbon cycle

Carbon dioxide is part of a long term geological cycle.

A simplified overview of the geosequestration processA simplified overview of the geosequestration process

Capture, compression, transport, injection, storage, monitoring and community engagement are essential aspects of CCS.

CCS facilitiesCCS facilities

A range of sources and storage sites provide flexible CCS opportunities.

Low emissions hubLow emissions hub

Opportunities to reuse and store carbon dioxide with common pipelines connecting sources could reduce the cost of CCS.

Carbon dioxide exchangeCarbon dioxide exchange

Carbon dioxide is exchanged between the earth and the atmosphere.

Clean energyClean energy

A range of clean energy options need to be deployed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Representation of the greenhouse effectRepresentation of the greenhouse effect

Solar energy reflected from the earth's surface is trapped and re-radiated by greenhouse gases.

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