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Absorption captureAbsorption capture

CO2 solvent removal plant showing the solvent absorption equipment and process.

Absorption captureAbsorption capture

Solvent-based absorption CO2 capture is a cyclical process re-using solvent and waste heat.

Membrane gas separationMembrane gas separation

Schematic representation of three of the different possible mechanisms for membrane gas separation (after Scholes, Kentish and Stevens).

Spiral wound membraneSpiral wound membrane

Membrane gas separation modules can be constructed for efficiency of space.

Hollow fibre membraneHollow fibre membrane

Membrane gas absorption: hollow fibre module.

Flatsheet membraneFlatsheet membrane

Gas separation membrane: flatsheet module.

Zeolite adsorptionZeolite adsorption

Zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicate minerals which form regular, porous structures and act as a molecular sieve. They may be readily modified to include a large variety of metal cations through a simple ion-exchange process. These modifications lead to large changes in CO2 sorption capacity, selectivity and water tolerance.

Clare Anderson of CO2CRCClare Anderson of CO2CRC

Melbourne University is working on new technologies for capturing and separating carbon dioxide from other gases.

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