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Coal fired power plantCoal fired power plant

Coal fired power plants are responsible for a significant amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Sources of CO2 in AustraliaSources of CO2 in Australia

Opportunities for large scale capture of carbon dioxide exist in electricity production, manufacturing and industrial processes.

Steam turbineSteam turbine

High pressure superheated steam from a coal-fired furnace drives the steam turbines that produce electricity.

Gas turbineGas turbine

Expansion of gas in the combustion chamber drives the turbines to produce electricity.

Solvent absorptionSolvent absorption

Flue gases pass through a solvent that preferentially absorbs carbon dioxide.

Membrane contactor processMembrane contactor process

Carbon dioxide diffuses through a membrane and is absorbed by the solvent.

Membrane separationMembrane separation

Carbon dioxide passes through the membrane more easily than other gases.

Low temperature separationLow temperature separation

The gas is cooled and only carbon dioxide condenses. The rest of the gas is vented to the atmosphere.

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