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Postgraduate studies

CO2CRC has provided both monetary and supervisory support to 25 undergraduate students and 29 post graduate students over the past six years. In the new phase of CO2CRC, 10 new postgraduate students have been recruited and will commence their research with CO2CRC. More post-graduate students will be recruited in 2011 and 2012 through our research programs.

We will be seeking outstanding graduates from relevant fields including chemical engineering, chemistry, geology, geophysics, petroleum/reservoir engineering, resource economics and mathematics. Our post-graduate students undertake research on CO2CRC projects at one of our partner universities and work closely with industry.

All new graduates will first need to be accepted by one of our partner universities. CO2CRC offers scholarships that provide a living stipend. Overseas applicants should consider that most universities charge post-graduate fees of around $30,000 for overseas students. In order to cover these fees, overseas students would need independent funds or a scholarship from the university or a resident's visa.



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