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CO2CRC, through its partnerships with industry and research bodies, has developed programs to build technical capacity in CCS to meet the future demands of a robust CCS industry. CO2CRC education programs are also preparing the community, industry and government for CCS deployment.

Implementation of CCS in both Australia and internationally will require targeted education and training for a broad range of workers including scientists, engineers, policymakers, insurers, financiers, lawyers and teachers. Industry and research collaborations make CO2CRC a leading source of skilled researchers and project managers in CCS. Over the past six years CO2CRC has provided CCS specialists to governments and industry.

Experienced educators and researchers working with CO2CRC through its research partnerships as well as access to a range of CCS demonstration projects make CO2CRC a leader in quality education in CCS technologies.

Experience and resources include

  • PhD, Masters and Honours project supervision
  • CCS schools - 3-5 day intensive courses for graduates (national and international)
  • Introductory courses in CCS
  • Specialist workshops
  • Student exchanges
  • Capacity building workshops
  • Graduate and undergraduate university CCS units
  • Access to onsite research and demonstration facilities (CO2CRC Otway Project, CO2CRC H3 Capture Project, CO2CRC/HRL Mulgrave Capture project)
  • Resources for teachers
  • Extensive online information including access to scientific papers

Participating universities

For information on courses and education opportunities please email Roy Anderson:


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