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Researching with CO2CRC

PhD Opportunities with UNSW

CCSNet Project Manager

The CCNET Project Manager will manage all activities related to the Australian Government Grant that CO2CRC received under the Education Investment Fund (EIF). The Department of Education awarded CO2CRC $51.6 million for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) research infrastructure in 2013.
CO2CRC manages the EIF fund to build laboratory-based infrastructure and research projects in collaboration with CSIRO, University of Melbourne, Australian National University, Federation University Australia and the University of Adelaide.

The goal of CCSNET is to deliver the infrastructure network and associated research projects that produces technologies, knowledge and workflows which will drive down costs and makes CCS a price-competitive carbon reduction technology. A particular emphasis is to provide strong value to the emerging CarbonNet CCS Flagship in Victoria, other CCS projects in Australia and CCS research more broadly. For more details download the CCSNet Project Manager job description [PDF 299KB].

Researching with CO2CRC

CO2CRC undertakes leading-edge research into reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere through carbon capture and storage (CCS).

CO2CRC is implementing our new collaborative research programs with participating research organisations, industry and government.

We engage outstanding graduates and post-doctoral fellows from relevant fields including chemical engineering, chemistry, geology, geophysics, petroleum/reservoir engineering, resource economics and mathematics.

CO2CRC's researchers work at University of Adelaide, CSIRO, Curtin University, University of Melbourne, Monash University, UNSW, University of Queensland and University of Western Australia and Geoscience Australia and GNS Science New Zealand.

PhD opportunities with UNSW

Do you have a degree in chemical, petroleum or process engineering? UNSW and CO2CRC are seeking PhD candidates to join their Economic research group at UNSW. For more details download the PhD description [PDF 42KB].



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