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The Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) is a joint venture between industry, university and government partners. The legal operating entity is CO2CRC Limited, a ‘not for profit’ public company limited by guarantee, of which all core participants are members.

CO2CRC is governed by an elected (by the members) Board of Directors with four sub committees, the Program Advisory Committee, the Finance & Risk Audit Committee, the Appointments & Remuneration Committee and the Operations Committee. The Board, chaired by independent chairman Martin Ferguson sets overall policy and determines the strategic direction for the Centre.

A CO2CRC objective is to ensure that our research and development efforts are utilised and implemented by industry.

The sub-committees provide advice to the Board:

Program Advisory Committee reviews the research activities of the Centre and future Program priorities to ensure that the research, development and other activities are relevant to the needs of End-users.

Finance & Risk Audit Committee assists the Board in carrying out its responsibilities in relation to accounting and reporting practices and to strengthen the systems of internal controls, risk management and compliance.

Appointments and Remuneration Committee provides an efficient mechanism for examination of the Centre’s selection and appointment practices and the remuneration policies of the company.   

Operations Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to ensure that adequate Governance structures and processes are in place for the Operations activities undertaken by the CRC. Currently, those Operations relate to the Otway Project and the pilot plant activities around capture technologies.



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