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The Commonwealth Government, together with the States and Territories, has recently developed the Australian Regulatory Guiding Principles for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Geological Storage (CCS Principles) (available through the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources website). The Department of Industry and Resources (DoIR) was directly involved in the development of the Principles, and is continuing to work with the Commonwealth and other jurisdictions to address a range of regulatory and technical issues relevant to the establishment of CCS projects in Australia.

The Western Australian Greenhouse Strategy (available through the Department of Environment and Conservation's website) proposes CCS as a greenhouse abatement mechanism. The Strategy identifies the objective of ensuring that “Western Australia has the required knowledge, the appropriate policy settings and effective regulatory frameworks to enable informed decisions about geological sequestration proposals.”

In accordance with this Greenhouse Strategy, DoIR's Environment Division coordinates consideration of matters relating to the development of geosequestration regulations and policy.

Source: http://www.doir.wa.gov.au/environment/5B6451487CEB422DA962B92A8725BB95.asp

For more information visit www.doir.wa.gov.au.



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