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The research undertaken by the team at UNSW is concerned with assessing the technologies for capturing CO2, as well as locating and studying suitable sites for CO2 injection and storage. The research examines a range of CO2 sources from power plant flue gas to industrial boiler exhaust, and various storage facilities including spent natural gas fields to enhanced methane recovery from coal beds. Optimisation studies of CO2 capture sources and Australian storage sites are also explored.

The team has developed a computational economic model to estimate the total cost of CCS (ICCSEM). The capture component of the model aims to develop, design and describe key aspects of major CO2 capture technologies. The storage component aims to refine the design of the CO2 compressor, transport route, platform and injection well engineering. A beta version of the model has been issued for an internal review by CO2CRC sponsors, and is in the process of commercialization.

In addition, the project members have provided support and advice through consultation and reports to CO2CRC partners and external parties. This work includes feasibility studies of CCS for site specific studies including the Latrobe Valley, Sydney Gas field and the Abadi field development.

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