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Since 2001, TOTAL has launched a global programme to manage Greenhouse Gas emissions. Meeting this commitment entails enhancing energy efficiency, reducing flaring, expanding the use of new and alternative energies, and contributing to R&D programs such as those focussing on Carbon Capture and Sequestration. Backed by its expertise in industrial processes and its knowledge of subsoil underground geology, TOTAL turned its attention early on the potential of CO2 capture and storage technologies and has teamed up with various experts in a number of national and international R&D projects in this field.

The various studies that TOTAL has undertaken jointly with French and international partners focus on aspects including: capture technology, the physical-chemical properties of CO2 in the storage formation, the long term integrity of reservoirs and boreholes, and methods of risk analysis.

TOTAL is participating in numerous research projects in France, Europe, Canada and Australia as Geocarbone-Picoref project, which aims at identifying potential geological storage in France, or the European projects ENCAP (Enhanced Capture of CO2) and CO2 Remove.

On the 8th of February 2007, TOTAL announced the launch of a demonstration pilot in the Lacq Basin, in Southwest France. This is a unique combination of oxy-combustion technology and onshore storage, at a time when developed countries are preparing to take radical action to reduce emissions of CO2. For the very first time, a French program will test the entire CO2 Capture and Storage, from the CO2 emissions source (a boiler) to underground storage in a geological formation. The project calls for up to 150 000metric tons of CO2 to be injected into a depleted natural gas field over a period of two years as from end-2008.

For the pilot, concentrated oxygen will be used for natural gas combustion in a steam production unit  (boiler) at Lacq Gas Processing plant, to obtain a more concentrated CO2 steam. Once purified, the CO2 will be compressed and conveyed via pipeline to the depleted Rousse field (30km from Lacq), where it will be injected through an existing well into a rock formation 4500m underground.

The project will cost nearly 60millions Euros, it will contribute to the goal  of CO2 emissions-free Power Generation (Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plant) defined by the European Technology Platform, in which TOTAL is partner, and it is now on the list of recognised project by the Carbon Sequestration Leadership forum (CSLF). For more on Lacq demonstration project visit: www.total.com/corporate-social-responsibility/special-reports/capture.

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