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Within the portfolio of Resources, Energy and Tourism, Geoscience Australia plays a critical role by producing first-class geoscientific information and knowledge. This can enable the government and the community to make informed decisions about the exploration of resources, the management of the environment, the safety of critical infrastructure and the resultant wellbeing of all Australians.

One of the key priorities for Geoscience Australia in 2007-08 is to develop a carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) program, including criteria for CCS acreage release and assessment.

Researchers at Geoscience Australia are contributing to CO2CRC research in a number of areas, including: coal micro-structure studies; coal seam biota; and geochemistry. The team at Geoscience Australia has played a significant role in a number of regional studies, including:

For more information visit www.ga.gov.au.



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