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BP supports a number of major international research initiatives seeking solutions to global climate change, including a Clean Energy Research and Education Programme at Tsinghua University in China, the Carbon Mitigation Initiative, covering carbon capture and storage and other global technologies at Princeton University in the US and a programme to research future technologies for energy use and storage in buildings at Imperial College in the UK.

BP is a participant in the CO2 Capture Project, which is an international effort funded by eight of the world's leading energy companies. This project intends to address the issue of reducing emissions in a manner that will contribute to an environmentally acceptable and competitively priced continuous energy supply for the world.

BP is leading an industrial-scale demonstration of geological storage of CO2 at In Salah, Algeria where they have a joint venture with Sonatrach and Statoil. The In Salah Gas project sells a billion cubic feet of natural gas a day into Europe. As a result of the gas production, just over 1 million tonnes of CO2 is produced each year and rather than vent that CO2 to the atmosphere, the project partners spent an extra €100mm to install infrastructure in order to store it geologically. In greenhouse gas terms, that equates to taking 250,000 cars off the road at a cost of around €5 per tonne of CO2 avoided.

The venture involves the development of seven proven gas fields in the southern Sahara, 1,200km south of Algiers. On-stream since July 2004, the project produces around 9 billion cubic metres of gas a year. In Salah is also the world’s first full-scale carbon dioxide capture project at a gas field. Around 1 million tonnes of CO2 will be injected into the reservoir each year.

The Kwinana Project in Western Australia, proposed by Hydrogen Energy, is a 500MW hydrogen power project to be fuelled by sub-bituminous coal and fully integrated with carbon capture, with storage in a saline formation (most likely offshore). The estimated cost is over A$2 billion; partners include BP and Rio Tinto. CCS is projected to commence in 2012, with up to 4 million tonnes of CO2 per annum stored.

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