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Brown Coal Innovation Australia (BCIA) is a not-for-profit, member-based company with a mandate to invest in the development of skills, networks and low-emissions technologies that will broaden the use of brown coal for a sustainable future.

Established in late 2009 with multi-million dollar government funding, BCIA's main focus is strategic investment in an innovation portfolio encompassing research and development in low-emissions technologies and novel, high-value products derived from brown coal.

Our role is to co-invest with innovators, industry and research to accelerate, develop and promote early-stage science and engineering technologies in the brown coal innovation value-chain – spanning from mine-mouth to the capture of greenhouse gas emissions. We also contribute to intelligence gathering and analysis of global R&D for the Company's members and the broader Australian community.

In addition to BCIA's investments in technology innovation, the Company has made significant investments in skills development for brown coal R&D including the appointment of two Research Leader Fellowships, a program of postgraduate research scholarships and the significant training and educational opportunities created via our R&D portfolio.

We have also formed strategic relationships with other influential organisations in the low-emissions and innovation sectors. BCIA is a member of CO2CRC – one of the world's leading carbon capture and storage collaborative research institutes – and through the Australian Coal Industry Consortium, BCIA is also a member of the International Energy Agency's Clean Coal Centre.

BCIA membership offers significant benefits for industry, research providers and funding bodies, tertiary education institutions, governments and national and international organisations with objectives aligned to BCIA's strategic direction. BCIA industry stakeholders include coal-fired energy operators, original equipment manufacturers, companies involved in the conversion of brown coal to value-added products and services companies operating in the brown coal sector.

Membership enables BCIA stakeholders to:

  • engage in a formal relationship with BCIA – the key organisation for investment in Australian brown coal innovation
  • access development and demonstration project results
  • access wide-ranging expertise in government, industry and R&D
  • be involved in implementing and/or access to BCIA research and skills development programs
  • access and contribute to intelligence gathering and analysis of global research and development on the sustainable use of brown coal

For further information, visit www.bcinnovation.com.au or email us at info@bcinnovation.com.au


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