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The National Low Emission Coal Council (NLECC) established ANLECR&D to implement a national program for low emission coal research and development to address the research priorities identified in the NLECC strategy.
The primary objective of ANLECR&D is to deliver the applied R&D that can reduce the risk of Low Emission Coal Technology (LECT) deployment in the 2015 to 2020 timeframe, thereby underpinning and accelerating the early commercial deployment of LECTs.  This focus is driven by the recognition that these early projects must succeed for LECT to be accepted as a viable option in the portfolio of approaches required to achieve substantial global reductions in CO2 emissions while meeting growing energy demand.

ANLECR&D will address:

  • The near term risk reduction and technology developments necessary for successful demonstration of LECT in Australia.
  • The delivery of skills, data and knowledge to assist key stakeholders understand the benefits and deployment risks of LECT's.
  • Support for, and investigation of, issues affecting the performance of the early demonstration projects.

ANLECR&D’s funding is provided by the Commonwealth Government of Australia, and by ACALET (Australian Coal Association Low Emission Technologies Ltd) through the Coal21 initiative.

For more infomation visit www.anlecrd.com.au.


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