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Joining CO2CRC

The structure of CO2CRC facilitates collaboration between many of the world's leading carbon dioxide capture and storage researchers. Expertise is drawn from a variety of research institutions, including: CSIRO; Curtin University of Technology; Geoscience Australia; Monash University; The University of Adelaide (Australian School of Petroleum); The University of Melbourne; The University of NSW and Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd.

There are two categories of formal associations with CO2CRC:

  • Members
  • Associate Participants

Members sign the agreement and become a member of the company CO2CRC Ltd.

Associate Participants receive similar entitlements but do not receive the full rights of membership, such as voting rights, control of the science agenda and formal member meetings. These are typically research organisations.


Contact information

CO2CRC is keen to attract new members and associates and to enhance the capacity and range of international collaboration. For more information please contact:

Ms Tania Constable
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: +61 3 9035 9729

Ms Ching Gee
Business Manager/Company Secretary
Tel: +61 3 8344 3778



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